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IT 기반 폐기물 관리

앱과 웹사이트로 폐기물 처리 이력과 데이터 모니터링


폐기물 처리 환경 개선

폐기물의 재활용률 개선과 일반 폐기물 처리비용 절감


선순환 제품 공급

배출 폐기물을 재활용한 선순환 제품 이용으로 ESG 경영 실천

Why Choose ECOYA?

IT-based CTM

Controllable, Traceable and Measurable Recycling system based Blockchain & GPS.

You can download

Total Waste Management Service

You can easily use ECOYA Waste Management service with our App and Website.

취급 품목


Newspapers, Books, Notebooks, Paper shopping bags, Calendars, Paper cups, Shredded paper, Boxes, Leaflets, etc.


Plastics, Water bottle, Milk bottle, Plastic bottle, Films (cookie bag, ramen bag), etc.

Non-ferrous metal

Cans, Aluminum cans, Insecticide containers, Scraps, etc.


Recyclable materials

Matching Service

We provide Match Making service for the best Buy & Sell.

Are you searching for Markets to sell?
Are you sourcing for Resources to buy?

ECOYA connects seller’s markets to buyer’s resources to provide stable business for both.

  1. ECOYA curation

    ECOYA’s expert curators recommend customized solution based on our Big data.
  2. Connect to nearest located companies

    To save transportation cost
  3. Optimize match

    Connects seller’s markets to buyer’s resources to provide stable business for both.
  4. Minimize disposal

    By using SRF and energy recovery technology.

Waste Track History Service

Track transport route and transaction record of Waste and Recyclable materials via CTM system with blockchain and GPS technology.


Quantitative data

ECOYA Solution provide quantitative data of recycling process and results.

Easy Tracking

You can easily search your recycling performance with ECOYA App and Website.

Secure Data

Blockchain technology is applied to the data to make the system secure.

Environmental Impact Assessment Report

ECOYA Environmental Impact Assessment Report shows the details of your recycled performance and may be used to maximize ESG management.

  • Volume of Waste and Recyclable Materials
  • Recycling Summary
  • Greenhouse Benefit Gas and Energy Saving
  • Volume of Recovered Resources

Platform for recycled commodities

ECO Your Action – Circulation of Resources
Carry on with ECOYA.

ECOYA provides a platform where consumers can purchase trustworthy recycled products. We recycle to reduce waste and recover resources for sustainable earth.

You can purchase recycled products made from compliant recycling process done by ECOYA. Available off the shelf and OEM/PB order-made.

Eco friendly recycled packaging
Eco friendly recycled paper bags
Eco friendly recycled paper towels
Eco friendly recycled LDPE
Eco friendly recycled A4

Find out your
ECO Grade when you
recycle via ECOYA .

ECOYA 엔터프라이즈로 재활용을 통한 환경 기여도를 알아보세요.

When you recycle 1 ton of Paper

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

Deduction of 0.15 cars from the streets

Energy Reduction

Annual consumption of 0.5 households

Waster Saved

Deduction of 0.01 Olympic size swimming pools

Landfill Waste Avoided

32.08 commercial use trash bins


•Positive: Benefit (Reduction effect from recycling & conserved amount)  •Negative: Impact (Additional usage amount when recycled)

Source : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) research studies

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Matching service

ECOYA provides One on One Match-Making service with our Big Data.

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Curation service

ECOYA’s expert curators provide optimized solutions for your recyclable materials.

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