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Total Waste Management for Recycling ECOYA

ECOYA Circles
Fully Life and Planet
생명과 환경을 위해
ECOYA Circles
Fully Life and Planet
생명과 환경을 위해

Have you ever been
concerned about
where your waste go?

Existing Waste Management‘s
Recycling Rate

Existing waste management primarily focuses on on-site waste disposal, making it challenging to determine proper recycling practices.

It lacks a method to assess increased recycling rates and their environmental impact.

ECOYA Enterprise Waste Management

Waste managed through ECOYA Enterprise is recorded and provided as digital data, allowing easy tracking of its history.

You can view waste management data at a glance and utilize environmental impact information resulting from improvements as ESG management materials.

Recycle Diagram (Existing Process)
Recycle Diagram (Existing Process)
Recycle Diagram (Existing Process)

Resource circulation solution with a focus on resource circulation to create sustainability for the future.

  1. Total Waste Management

    With the ECOYA Enterprise app and website, you can monitor waste management status in detail.
  2. Match-Making

    We provide resource circulation solutions optimized for the conditions of your waste disposal.
  3. Waste Disposal Improvement

    We offer methods to increase recycling rates and reduce the quantity of general waste, resulting in cost-saving benefits..
  4. Environmental Impact Information

    ECOYA Enterprise provide specific environmental information that can be used as ESG management indicators.
  5. Closed-loop Product Proposals

    ECOYA suggest supplying closed-loop products that are recycled from the waste generated by your company.
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Do you want to know how measurable your recycling efforts have contributed to the environment?
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When you recycle 1 ton of Paper

Source : Environmental benefits of recycling. 2010 NSW EPA

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

Deduction of 0.15 cars from the streets

Energy Reduction

Annual consumption of 0.5 households

Waster Saved

Deduction of 0.01 Olympic size swimming pools

Landfill Waste Avoided

32.08 commercial use trash bins

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